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Carnegie Mellon students exploring new ideas, testing hypotheses, researching questions that matter.

Student achievement motivation at CMU-Q: Investigating the types of academic goals, reasons for goal pursuit and goal-reason combinations that relate to academic achievement behavior for undergraduate university students in Qatar’s branch campus of CMU.

Augmented reality and user satisfaction in leisure tourism

Examining the relationships and patterns in patient-initiated vlogs and their effect on vloggers’ wellbeing

ICTruly Human Life: Using technology to help low-income expat workers in Qatar achieve a truly human life.

Can we support students to think independently and develop reflective judgement?

Facilitating medical refills at the age of drones

Comparative study of NoSQL databases: planning, modelling, implementation, management

Factors affecting the adoption of social commerce in the Indonesian retail industry: a consumer’s perspective

Classical and constructive logic interactive theorem prover

WebAssembly for agile offloading in edge computing

Eigencentrality in bipartite graphs

Machine learning-based method to identify coverslips on microscopy slides

Sequoia: a playground for logicians, meta-properties

Improved complement for two-way alternating automata

An experimental study of multi-stage retrieval systems

Sequoia: a playground for logicians, proof tree building and unification

Measuring efficiency of Qatari public secondary boys schools outside Doha

Social welfare maximization for public transportation in Qatar

Characterization of minor intron and minor intron-containing genes

Investigating the alternative splicing patterns of RNA binding proteins (RBPs) in breast cancer

Developing three-dimensional co-culture systems using fibroblasts and breast tumor cells as a platform for screening of anti-cancer agents including lycopene

Characterization of recruitment, activation, and induction of naïve fibroblasts in a tumor-educated environment

Comparative analysis of the role of the tumor cells in educating naïve fibroblasts into cancer-associated fibroblasts using 2D vs. 3D environments

ECM effects on integrin-mediated signaling in breast cancer cells

Profiling colorectal cancer cells and their interactions with fibroblasts in 3D spheroid cultures

Nitrogen fertilizer – go or foe?

L-leucine, a potential drug to inhibit cancer metastasis


Student research at CMU-Q

Research is part of the fabric of a Carnegie Mellon education: undergraduates are encouraged to explore new ideas, test hypotheses and share results with the community. Research is work that matters.

Students undertake senior thesis projects, pursue independent studies guided by faculty mentors, initiate their own projects, and partake in summer research programs within Carnegie Mellon University and Education City.

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Who are CMU-Q students?

Our students major in one of five disciplines: biological sciences, business administration, computational biology, computer science or information systems. They are analytical, creative, and hard-working. They are problem-solvers. They know how to work in teams and they know how to adapt.


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